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Wireless transmitter

In close cooperation with a Dutch company Dog Back Design Solutions designed and industrialized a mobile tag. The tag contains a battery operated radio frequency transmitter which can communicate wirelessly to a network that is installed on fixed locations. Through the wireless network information of the tag is collected on a server where it is accessibele for an administrator.    

Based on a prototype Dog Back Design Solutions determined the component architecture of the tag. Because it concerns a wireless product the component positioning has a strong relation to the RF performance. It is therefor essential to find the optimal arrangement to achieve the best performance. 

The architecture is used as a base to develop an integral design which is easy to produce. The electronics and mechanics are closely related to each other. Issues like ESD, EMC, RF performance, size and produceability are optimized. The end result is an easy to assemble product with excellent functional performance. 

Dog Back Design Solutions assisted the production ramp up and developed the test equipment in cooporation with the manufacturer.  Also legal tests like the CE approval were prepared and coordinated by Dog Back design solutions .


Used technologies:

  • Wireless interface
  • RF design
  • Primary (non rechargeable) Lithium battery 
  • Dust and water proof according to IP52
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