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Intelligent Street lighting

In close cooporation with Tvilight BV Dog Back design solutions developed the wireless sensor for the “Intelligent Street Lighting systeem”.The system exists of a wireless unit and a software program that enable you to fully control the street lighting infrastructure. With this system the lights dim to a pre-defined level during the time there is hardly any activity on the street. This will reduce CO2 emissions, lighting polution and it can save up to 80% on the energy cost. During the dimmed phase the wireless sensor can detect any movement of a pedestrian, a bicycle or a car. 

The intelligent system can determine the direction and the speed of the moving object and based on that the adjacent light poles will raise their light intensity to the required level. After the object has passed they will return to the dimmed phase again.

Dog Back Design Solutions supported Tvilight BV in choosing the right wireless technology for  their application and also mapping of the complete system architecture.

For the wireless sensor Dog Back design solutions designed three different PCBA’s which contain de movement sensors, the power components, the antenna, the Zigbee wireless interface and the GPRS interface

Dog Back design solutions also delivered the software that enables communication between the nodes, between de nodes and the gateway and from the gateway to the server.

At this moment the system is tested at several places in Europe.


Used technologies:

  • 3G/ GPRS
  • Zigbee
  • Movement detection
  • RF design


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