To give an impression of products that have been developed by Dog back design solutions a number of projects is listed below.

The project descriptions give a clear view of our expertise and experience, the markets in which we operate and the role we can fulfill in a project. Some of the projects which we have worked on are confidential and therefor we cannot share this information.

Please check the links for additional information and a more extensive description of the product.

Bluetooth eBeacon
"Narrowcasting, localisation, guiding and more"
Beacons are small, battery-powered devices that transmit an identification signal. This signal can be received by Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices. Our eBeacon can be customized to fit your requirements...

Smart factory
"Lean, Green, Sustainable and Smart"
We have done various projects to enhance production processes in factories. This is called: 'smart manufacturing'. Our solutions contribute to lean and green production process...

"Highly integrated, multidisciplinary design"
The eDice is built around a CortexM0 processor with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 radio. A MEMS accelerometer is used to determine the movement of the eDice and its position after a throw. The eDice measures only 20*20*20 mm...

The Pictowatch
"The smartest reminder on your wrist"
The pictowatch is a watch which is especially designed for people that have difficulty to tell time and need assistance to orient in their daily structure. It notifies the wearer when he/she has an appointment or activity at a preset time, without any...

Intelligent street lighting
"Street lighting that only glows when it needs to"
In close cooporation with Tvilight BV Dog Back Design Solutions developed the wireless sensor for an “Intelligent Street Lighting systeem”. The system exists of a wireless unit and a software program that enable you to fully control the street lighting...

Wireless transmitter
"Managing your mobile equipment"
In close cooperation with a Dutch company Dog Back Design Solutions designed and industrialized a mobile tag. The tag contains a battery operated radio frequency transmitter which can communicate wireless to a network that is installed...


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