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Jaap Hemmes, born 1964 and with over 15 years of (international) industry experience in Telecom and Defence, has been active as a independent business consultant since 2002.
In his activities his primary focus is on strategic business development, creating and realising opportunities for the companies where he is active for. Over the years he has been involved in various branches such as mail, telecom, power and steel,as well as acting from an operator as from a supplier perspective. He fulfilled various senior management roles in business development, account management, general management and project management
Currently, he co-owns and runs BnP Corporate Finance, a consulting firm in the field of strategy and businessdevelopment, merger & acquisition and (re)financing of small to mid size companies.


Frank Hennekens, born 1968, has over 20 years of (international) industry  experience in Telecom, Defence and semi-conductor. Over the years he has held various senior management roles in a.o. business, sales & key account management, product management, project management, R&D and portfolio management. He has been heavily involved  in the inception of Ericssons Bluetooth licensing business. He also pioneered and developed new business models.
Currently, Frank owns and runs Prospur Consulting, a interim/change/project and management consulting firm.
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